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Choosing A Garden Rotavator

 How To Choose The Right Size Garden Rotavator

This is the one step that can save you the most money. 80% of rotavator sales are small rotavators or large rotavators, when 80% of people actually need a medium sized rotavator for their garden size.

If you have a small garden then you will need a small rotavator (for beds, around plants ect.) for a large garden a medium sized rotavator will be idea. Large rotavators should only be used by those will acres or proffessionals.

 Choosing A Good Engine

For most gardens you’ll want to buy a garden rotavator with a good soild engine. In most instances you will need an engine with a minimum of 3.5 HP.

In a rotavator the first thing to usually break is the engine so spending a little money buying a good engine is essential.