Segway Robotic Lawnmowers

We’ll handle the cutting, saving you hundreds of hours annually.

By using a virtual boundary, Segway Navimow, the fully automated robotic mower, does not require complicated perimeter wiring.
With every use, Navimow provides you with a lawn that is impeccably maintained and more free time to spend doing the things you love.

Why Choose A Segway Navimow?

  • Effective: Compared to other mowers, this one is significantly more effective.
  • Simple: Installation is a snap
  • Perfect Results: High-frequency, precise cutting ensures a perfect lawn.
  • Safe: Multiple sensors ensure next-level safety and dependability.
  • Quiet: Less than 54 dB(A) noise emission, weekends may never be the same.
  • Anti-Theft: EFLS (Exact Fusion Locating System) enables you to always know the exact location of the mower.

Features By The Bucket Load…

Bid farewell to complicated perimeter wiring.
Connect Navimow to your smartphone using the app, then follow the on-screen instructions to configure the virtual boundary.

Easy to assemble. You won’t ever have to be concerned about unintentional perimeter wire breaks again with Navimow.

Simple to make changes.
Even if the design of your garden changes, Navimow was created to adapt quickly and easily. To change the working area, simply open the app and operate the mower remotely.

Accurate Anti-Theft Positioning.
We can quickly and precisely locate Navimow using our Exact Fusion Locating System (EFLS).
The owner will get a notification and real-time location data in the app if the mower departs from its virtual boundary.
• Smart Four-Module GNSS
• Positioning System
• AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System)
• Abnormality Alarm

Enhanced Mowing Efficiency.
Accurate Mapping with EFLS (Exact Fusion Locating System).
The Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) Positioning System significantly increases positioning accuracy when compared to GPS. Navimow can handle even the most difficult terrains while mowing in the most effective pattern possible with positioning accuracy down to the centimetre.

Effective Mowing Technique to Cover Several Areas.
After establishing the virtual boundary, Navimow will automatically mow the entire area within it. The Navimow app makes it simple to edit the working area at any time. Establish a channel between areas, create islands that are off-limits, and set up the mowing area.

A Smart Navigation System Produces Outstanding Results.
With the ability to plan the most effective cutting route and make adjustments immediately, Navimow’s smart navigation algorithm can do away with repetitive movements and produce results that are impressive. Additionally adaptive and able to adapt to shifting lawn conditions, this algorithm greatly improves mowing efficiency.

Never fails to make a cut: perfectly manages several zones sequentially
Highly effective a great deal more effective than standard robotic lawn mowers.
restricts cutting repeatedly: When the battery is low, the mower will automatically recharge and resume cutting where it left off.

Cuts Frequently, Looks Better
Navimow can choose the best path for mowing and change the direction of mowing automatically after a mowing service is complete thanks to the automatic mowing path optimisation system.
This feature makes it possible to avoid the wheel tracks created by repeatedly following the same path, which also guarantees that your lawn will grow in a healthier environment.

Traverse Any Lawn With Ease.
Even the most challenging terrains can be conquered by Navimow thanks to its strength. The hub motor’s rotating speed and torque can be precisely programmed using a 14-bit magnetic positioning sensor. When rotating at low speeds, the torque output is increased to its maximum, enabling the mower to handle uneven or bumpy surfaces with ease.
• Cut confined spaces: The offset blades can approach the edge and tight corners as closely as possible.
• Cutting area of up to 3000 m: Strong obstacle-traversing ability: 50 mm off-road rubber tyres; 10.4 Ah battery capacity;
• Climb slopes up to 45% with ease: 14-bit high-precision positioning sensor plus hub motor

Multiple Safety Features, Safeguarding You and Your Lawn.
• Ultrasonic Sensors
• BladeHalt Sensor
• Bumper
• Edge Cutting

Real-Time Adaptation.
With the help of its five safety sensors, Navimow can monitor its surroundings and adjust to changing situations. The mower will turn around and move in a different direction if it runs into a hard object. Safety precautions like lift sensors and bump sensors can guarantee the highest level of safety.

Smart Obstacle Avoidance Using Ultrasonic Sensor.
Obstacles can be detected by the high-performance ultrasonic sensor, which can then change the mower’s direction to go around them.
Certain models include an ultrasonic sensor. Additionally, the sensor is offered for purchase as an add-on for your Navimow model.

Robust Safety System with BladeHalt*.
By stopping the blades if an object comes into contact with the sensing area, the BladeHalt sensor adds an additional layer of safety.
This is a lab function that needs to be turned on in the app.

More Than User Friendly.
Two Buttons to Cover the Whole Lawn
Just tap MOW once, followed by OK to begin the operation. An immaculately kept lawn is literally just two buttons away.

Adjustment Of The Cut Length In-App.
The cutting height can be changed in the app to your preferred setting with just a few taps.
Adjustable Cutting Height: 3-6 cm

Smart App Management.
Utilise the Navimow app to easily adjust settings and operate the mower to:

• Set and Adjust Virtual Map
• Check Real-Time Mower Status
• Adjust Mowing Schedule
• Select Mowing Mode

Weekends may never sound the same due to the 54 dB(A) noise level’s extreme quietness.

IPX6 waterproofing ensures both weather resistance and simple washing.

Check out their newest accessory with vision perception capabilities, the VisionFence Sensor!