Petrol Cylinder Mowers

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Masport petrol cylinder lawn mowers

Petrol cylinder mowers are the mower of choice for many groundskeepers and discerning gardeners across the UK The Masport Olympic range of petrol cylinder lawnmowers offer precision cutting and great value for money through safety features such as the “twin drive” giving the ability to independently control of the cutting cylinder and the powerful self-drive rear-roller.

Get the “Wimbledon look” with your Masport cylinder mower

Cylinder lawn mowers allow you to create a striped look in your lawn or sports field giving you the classic Wimbledon look through the heavy roller creating different cut heights. The Masport Olympic rang of petrol cylinder lawn mowers offer cut heights between 7mm and 30mm.

Cutting widths

The Masport Olympic range comes in 400mm (16), 500mm (20) and 660mm (26) cutting widths giving you the choice you need depending on your lawn size.

Give your lawn the manicure it deserves with one of the Masport Olympic range of petrol cylinder lawn mowers at lower than RRP’s and free delivery available from Felthorpe Lawnmowers.