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Makita EA6100P45D Chainsaw


Makita chainsaws are the exclusive choice of the British Military and the latest addition to the Makita professional chainsaw line, the EA6100P45D, is a 61cc machine developing 4.5hp and running up to 13,800rpm with a 45cm chain bar.

The 61cc 2-stroke engine develops 4.5hp with a power rating of 3.4Kw. This new compact, slim-line engine installation reduces the overall width of the machine making it even more manoeuvrable in forestry operation improving both comfort and safety. This engine features the Makita-designed SAS, Stratified Air Scavenging, system which ensures that any excess fuel mixture is recovered from the exhaust and re-burnt for power and the cleanest possible emissions. The EA6100P45D weighs just 6.0kg.

This new Makita 61cc professional chainsaw features the fulcrum vibration damping system that reduces machine vibration levels to just 5.0m/s² for the front handle and 4.0m/s² for the rear grip handle. The specification includes automatic chain brake for safety, automatic chain lubrication system, electronic ignition and de-compressor easy starting. This is a powerful, hard-working saw for forestry professionals.

Technical specifications
Oil Tank Capacity 0.48 litres
Chain Tensioning
Lateral tensioning
Chain Gauge 0.058 "
Chain Pitch  0.325 "
Automatic Oil Pump 
Weight (Dry w/o Bar)  6.0 kg
Bar Size  45 cm
Noise sound pressure  105 dB(A)
Noise sound power  117 dB(A)
Noise K factor 2.5 dB(A)
Fuel Tank Capacity  0.8 litres
Displacement  61 cm³
Power Rating  3.4 kW
Vibration K factor 2 m/sec²
Vibration no load  5.0 m/sec²
Vibration Dampening
     User benefits
  • Low vibration system with damper springs to absorb vibration from engine to integrated front and rear handles.
  • Enhanced air filtration; centrifugal separation system effectively removes dust particles away from air intake and reduces dust stuck on the filter.
  • Easy start-up with spring assisted recoil starter reduces user's fatigue by drastic reduction of resistance caused when the starter rope is pulled.
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Brand Makita
Product Code EA6100P45D
Weight 6kg