Frost Proof Taps

Frost Proof Yard Hydrant C-7503 3' Bury


 The C-1000 Series Yard Hydrant gives year 'round water service that drains below the frost line once shut off. Only Merrill builds in 5 exclusive benefits to give you the best value in the industry.

A-Lever Control-operates by cam principle and pulls straight up on operating rod,provides variable flow from trickle to full flow without lock to hold lever.

B-Draw straps-are made of 1040 hot rolled steel which is much harder(brinell 175/200)and stronger ,greatly reduces wear of straps and eliminates side pull on operating rod.

C-Stainless steel operating rod-is ground and polishedand will not cut out packing and packing nut,like brass used by other companies.

D-Heavy duty solid brass hose adapter-threaded for standard 3/4" hose coupling.

E-Heavy cast iron head-with the same design Merrill has used for over fifty years.

F-Pivot connector with two nuts-provides simple positive adjustment and eliminates unreliable set screws used by other companies.

G-Galvanized pipe-has no exposed threads subject to weather.

H-Swivel parts-permit withdrawal of moving parts without digging up hydrant.Nothing in head assembly to disconnect or adjust when removing,simply unscrew entire head assembly from galavanized pipe and pull up valve stem with plunger for inspection.

I-Long life plunger-is molded with ethylene propylene material that is self lubricating and will not bond to brass valve like rubber plunger used by other companies.

J-Double bypass valve body-provides a large volume of water and the time proven design used for over fifty years.

K-Locking eye-on head and lever allows hydrant to be pad locked shut when not in use. 

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