Frost Proof Taps

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The Merrill Manufacturing Company was founded in 1949 by Noel Merrill Anderson in a one-car garage in Iowa. Noel started with his invention of the Merrill Any Flow Yard Hydrant. The original marketing area was only a few states surrounding the state of Iowa, using manufacturer’s representatives as the sales force. In 1957 Merrill relocated and in 1959 Mr. Anderson designed and engineered the Merrill pitless units, designed to be used with submersible pumps and eliminate the need of a pump house or well pit. With another plant expansion, Mr. Anderson invented the tank float, the front-runner of contained air tanks widely used today. From those three early products, Merrill has continued to expand its product offerings and market areas. Merrill has grown into a large manufacturing, assembly and warehouse facility.

When there is a need for getting water out of the ground or from your home fit a Merrill tap and know that whatever the condition it will WORK.