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A Revolutionary Battery Technology

Makita’s Lithium-ion tools have proved market winners and now Makita’s expanded range offers a comprehensive, powerful and lightweight selection of professional tools to complete any job.

Uncompromising on engineering excellence the new Lithium-ion tools offer the same attention to detail and quality you would expect from any Makita tool.

The long-lasting Lithium-ion batteries are 40% lighter than a similar Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) battery. Lithium-ion batteries feature a high energy density technology that will deliver 430% more working capacity during the lifetime of this battery compared to traditional Ni-Cad batteries. Lithium-ion batteries have an extended length of time during which they hold their charge – even after a long period of storage the batteries will deliver their power.

Lightweight and Compact

The most immediate difference between Lithium-ion batteries and Ni-MH or Ni-Cad is the weight difference, this is achieved due to two factors: chemical composition and physical attributes.

Within a Lithium-ion battery the energy is stored through the movement of lithium ions. Lithium has the third smallest atomic mass of all the elements, giving the battery a substantial saving in weight compared to batteries using much heavier metals.

The energy density of lithium-ion is typically twice that of the standard Ni-Cad therefore less cells are needed to obtain the required voltage, this is where the main bulk of the weight saving and compact nature of the battery occurs.

More Power, Less Weight

The weight saving means that Makita can obtain 18 volt power from a battery weighing the same as a 12 volt battery.

Now Work Comfortably for Longer

Reducing weight whilst retaining power has obvious effects on operator fatigue. Working with a Lithium-ion tool will reduce fatigue due to the weight of the battery pack this in turn will have positive effects on site health and safety.

The design of the battery is a slide grip type giving a maximum and secure contact between the battery and tool.

Optimum Charging System

Some charging processes can help deteriorate a battery’s life span if the battery and charger have not been designed to work efficiently with each other.

Makita can achieve the massive 430% more run time from their Lithium-ion batteries because of the Optimum Charging System. This unique system enables the battery and charging system talk to each other via a built in CPU in the charger and CPU in the battery. These two key elements are vital in extending the batteries working life.

Through this two way communication between charger and battery, the charger can recognise the battery and recall its charging history analyse the batteries condition and usage and charge the battery accordingly.

Depending on the batteries condition the Optimum Charging System will charge the battery quickly if it is new or in good condition, but if it is weakened due to cycle age or abuse the charger will gently charge the battery helping to extend the cycle life. Depending on the analysis of the battery, an infinite charging pattern will be created to perfectly match the battery’s needs.

The Makita charger cools the battery during charging keeping an optimum charging temperature, which in conjunction with the intelligent nature of this system extends the battery run time to 430% and giving a rapid charge time of 22 minutes.