Frost Proof Taps

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Merrill Frost Proof Outside Wall Tap MA Series


The MA sreies frost proof wall tap is the solution to solving a frozen outside tap. NO NEED TO LAG or shut off for winter easily fitted by a compentant plumber to enable water to flow when you require it.

Why not fit two and have hot water supply as well.

Will fit through a normal cavity constructed home.
Now with 3/4 BSP outlet thread

Length -12 inch (304mm) see installation diagram

Frost Proof Wall Faucet

Merrill MA Series of Frost Proof Wall tap provide frost proof water supply plus ANTI-SIPHON and SELF-DRAINING protection.

Adjustable Packing Nut - with rubber packing, instead of asbestos packing used by other companies.
Metal Handle - for strength and long life.
End Connection - allows easy installation and no need for oversized hole cut in wall.
Top Stamped - on inlet end of wall faucet, indicates outlet direction on outside of building when making connection on inside.
Chrome Plated - for corrosion protection and better appearance for easy sales.
Anti-Siphon - dual safety with air check at both nozzle and shut-off end connection.
Automatic Self-Draining - when shut off, wall faucet drains itself and an open end hose due to air check above nozzle.

Install wall tap as shown using the Beveled Wedge supplied with MA Series to achieve a downward slope.

NOTE: The wall tap must be installed with downward slope from inlet to outlet and hose must be removed in freezing weather to allow faucet to drain—if not done,the wall tap may freeze and be split by expanding ice, and warranty is voided.

(TOP) stamped into Wall tap Body makes installation easy—installer on inside can tell correct direction of outlet outside, by aligning (TOP) up on the inside.

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Ian Helsby
from Wigan
"Having seen this tap demonstrated by Richard on This Old House I was keen to use one on my own house. It works as described and survives the cold winter nights. Two points to mention are the fact that it dribbles once you''ve closed the tap. The instinct is to turn the tap further to stop it when in fact it is simply draining from after the washer. I close mine just enough to stop the water and no further so that the washer''s life can be prolonged. The other point is the fittings. Both ends are the American National Pipe Thread / Male Iron Pipe. The side that connects to the water supply is tapered and fits a 1/2" UK tap hose without leaking. The outlet side is not tapered however and will not properly fit a standard quick-release hose adapter. I was able to fit one with some filing, a pair of mole grips and thread sealant."
Brand Merrill